Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Guru Purnima tidings

Guru Purnima at Vishakapatnam (Vizag)
​9th July 2017​

The sea (Bay of Bengal) stands for dynamism, change and adventure; the mountain stands for permanence, tradition and values. Geographically nestled in this dialectical process, Vizag has grown out of its humble origins. Once known as Waltair, the fisherman’s village, is all set to become a Smart city.

Guru Purnima afforded an opportunity to visit this City of Destiny after a hiatus especially post-tsunami. The transformation in the panorama was quite visible. For instance, some 1.2 million yatris thronged Simhachalam at the outskirts of Vizag on the Guru Purnima night. Movement of traffic and the attendant cleanup operations were astonishingly swift. Swachh abhiyan has clearly taken roots here.

There was a meaningful interaction with the Faculty and Students of the University Business School on the theme of Science and Spirituality.Seen in pic: the MBA aspirants.

An interview with a leading National Daily in English followed and carried in this link:

Let the Guru Purnima tidings bring waves of happiness in your lives.


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