Monday, July 24, 2017

Thiru aadipuram 2017 Sri Villiputtur

Sri Villiputtur, 23rd July 2017

Sri Andal is one of the best-loved poet-saints of India. Pious tradition holds her to be the incarnation of Bhūmi Devi,Mother Earth, to show humanity the way to Lord's lotus feet.

Devotees in extra-ordinary numbers gather each year to celebrate and commemorate her appearance on earth. Panch Garuda Seva is one of the major festive highlights when deities on Garud vahanas in procession appear in best attire, flower garlands and jewels, each trying to outshine the other! 

We thought of availing darshan of Sri Andal-Rangamannar before ascending the stage.With co-singers in tow, some 20 of us got to the spot only to be daunted by the colossal numbers already awaiting darshan. Out of the blue, emerged a kind soul who understood our dilemma with a benign smile “just follow me”. He took upon himself to first guide us through temple features and eventually paved the way for darshan at the inner sanctum!

Before he left we thanked him and enquired about his current vocation. “Caretaker of Go- shala” was his reply! Before long following lines dawned on me: Engirundho vandhaan, idai jaathi naan endraan!!

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